Mandy playing Rachmaninov now available on YouTube!!


Bunker Studio

At the beginning of this year I went into Bunker Studio and recorded three pieces of music which I’ve been working on, they are Rachmaninov Preludes Op.23 No.2 and No.6 and Brahms Intermezzo No.2 Op.118. These pieces have been my savior and accompanied me through some dark times last year, they are very close to my heart.

Although there are videos of my playing on YouTube they were mostly taken from my recitals. Recording in a studio was a new and exciting experience for me. I love the fact that now I am able to share my playing with music lovers from all over the world.  It was an eye-opening experience and honestly I enjoyed so much that I’m already planning a new repertoire for my next recording session :)

I hope you enjoy it as much I did :)

This is Rachmaninov Prelude Op 23 No 2 in B flat major:

5/20/2015 ~ Students Recital Highlight on Youtube!!

Students Recital 2015 New York

Our Students Recital Highlight is available for viewing!! I’m a very very proud teacher indeed!!

5/20/2015 ~ Student’s Recital was A great Success  ~

Congratulations to all performers!! What a success!! It makes a teacher very proud to see you march onto that stage and play for a full house of audience when you’ve only been playing less than a year. It’s not an easy thing to do and believe me- coming from a performer who has been playing in public since the age of five, I still get the jitters and stomach bug before I step on to stage :) And this is exactly why we keep playing in public to build confidence and be ever so graceful on stage. (Please share this paragraph with your children and let them know how proud they make me!!)

My deepest gratitude to parents and families for being exceptionally supportive and warm. Without you the concert wouldn’t have materialized and it wouldn’t have been so much fun for the children. It’s exhilarating for a performer to play for a responsive audience. Knowing that the crowd is there to cheer us on is comforting and gives us courage to keep playing. I was so touched to see grandparents and extended families who travelled to show their support and love. We really appreciate you being there at the recital :)

The event inspired me to continue building a warm and supportive music community for our children. Playing piano can be lonely sometimes, therefore I would like to host regular concert-get-togethers which provide students opportunities to inspire each other and celebrate music with family and friends!

I’m also planning on giving a recital towards the end of the year. It consists of some chamber and solo works, featuring some amazing artists I’ve long to work with. So stay in tune and see you soon!!

5/1/2015 ~ Summer Piano Program ~

I like to make summer curriculum very different to regular semester routine. During regular semesters I focus on technique block building and finger work strengthening, but in summer we spice things up and put our skills to test!!

We play all types of popular and fun pieces including Disney movie theme, Broadway musicals and jazz repertoire so that students get a taste of different style of music- a great opportunity for them to explore their preference in music. We also work on ear training, singing and explore creative composition-  these elements combine essentially make a good musician! But unfortunately we don’t practice enough during the semester so in summer we catch up on creativity and exploring new repertoire. Looking forward to seeing you in July and and August :)

Before I go, a brief reminder on student recital. We’ve chose our concert pieces and we are practicing hard to give a polish and professional performance for our family and friends!!

4/20/2015 ~ Mandy Chiu Talks about Her Experience as a student and as a teacher~

I am very excited to share with you my latest pomotional video on Mandy Chiu Piano Sutdio NYC. In the video I discuss various factors which aspire me to be the teacher I have become. Thank you Neta Maughan, Elizabeth Powell and Dr. Jonathan Bass who instilled profound influence on my goal as an educator. I hope to inspire my students to play, live life to the fullest and always be compassionate and grateful.

Mandy Chiu talks about her experience as a student and as a teacher.

4/19/ 2015 ~ Students Recital Venue The Concert Space at Beethoven Pianos ~

As you know that our first Studio Concert debuts on May 17th Sunday 2pm, students and I are gearing up and preparing lovely music to perform for family and friends. Please mark the date and invite all music lovers to celebrate a special moment with us.

I would like to propose a light reception after the concert- each family brings a little treat (detail to be discussed at a later date) and meet other parents and students in the community. It’s wonderful to meet other musicians as it can be a lonely interest sometimes.

About the venue: THE CONCERT PLACE at Beethoven Pianos is a groundbreaking acoustic venue

located in Midtown Manhattan, on the historic piano row, steps from Carnegie Hall and

the Lincoln Center.

Inspired from the tradition of the 17th and 18th century European “Salon”,

THE CONCERT SPACE is dedicated to host all Acoustical performances in an intimate


Free admission for family and friends!! Looking forward to seeing everyone soon :)

9/15/2014 ~ Fall Semester Greetings ~

Warm greetings to new families and big Welcome back to returning students! I am excited to share yet another inspirational and creative semester with you. It is my pleasure and honor to embark on an expedition which promises adventures and discoveries of one’s personal musical-expression!!

This semester, my focus remains on building a highly personal and individual specific studio and there are exciting updates and benefits for all families to enjoy!

Now that I am an official  Steinway & Sons affiliated teacher, this means students from my studio enjoy exclusive offers including; concert tickets at Steinway Hall, special rate for purchasing/ renting piano at the Steinway & Sons New York flagship shop.

Please sign up for your benefits at:

If you are contemplating a fun and inspirational activity to undertake in your next family outing, I would highly recommend a day trip to the Steinway & Sons piano Factory located at Astoria. These free tours operate in fall, winter and spring. The tour shows the creation of a world renowned hand-made piano- of how it comes to life from careful hand craftsmanship combined with the technology of various measurement/ stringing process in a temperature controlled rooms. It is an awesome experience to visually see how each part of a Steinway & Sons piano is created and assembled.

You can find out more about the tours at:

Second exciting news, I would like to introduce Royal Conservatory Music Development (RCMD) Program to students who are interested in participating in annual grade exams. The RCMD Program provides a recognized national standard of musical success, through an effectively sequenced course of study from beginner to advanced levels. The Music Development Program inspires excellence through individual student assessments and allows students to celebrate accomplishment and track their progress with others across the country. All students deserve the opportunity to gain national recognition and celebrate their musical achievements nationally.

For more information please see:

Finally, I am very proud to share with you that starting from October 2014 all students have the opportunity to enjoy more benefits as a result of studio policy update. The focus of MC studio is to tailor lessons to a student’s needs and building on their strengths through sensitive coaching, to truly integrate playing piano into individual’s lifestyle.

The slight rate adjustment encourages young learners to start as young as five, cultivating musical expression a natural part of their early childhood development.

2014 Policy update:

1. Family discount: 10% off for siblings and family.

2. Remuneration 5% off one month for every student referral.

3. “Young beginners” program is now available for children of seven years and younger. The curriculum involves lively musical introductory course which includes singing for pitch recognition; creative rhythmic improvisation and exploring musical expressions and short exercises for finger strengthening.