Teaching Aspirations:

Growing up, Mandy immersed in practicing and performing the piano. She associates those memories with warmth and nolstagia. Mandy’s first teacher in Sydney, whom she studied with for ten years -Neta Maughan inspired Mandy to play with heart and sincerety, she install various cherishable values in Mandy till this day. Infinite kindness, tenderness and compassion are just a few qualities that inspire Mandy to be a better teacher. She is passionate about teaching and holds her students very close to her heart. Ms. Chiu remains in touch with many of her students, they often express how much they enjoyed playing music growing up and how music has changed their live. Mandy loves to hear when her students tell her ‘I can’t wait  to go home and work on my new piece’. Years of teaching experience have led Mandy to believing that all students can play. Whether they are 4 or 84 years old, students at every age and level can enjoy music.Immersed in music, Mandy had a wonderful time growing up. Her hope is to recreate the positive and supportive learning experience she once enjoyed, bringing love and creativity to as many families as possible.


Mandy is a highly qualified piano teacher. Her passion and dedication to teaching make Ms. Chiu popular among students and parents. At the age of fifteen, Mandy received her Licentiate Music Diploma from  the Australian Music Examination Board,  and the following year she  obtained her Licentiate Diploma from the Trinity College London in Australia. Ms. Chiu holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance rom the Sydney University Conservatorium and a Masters degree in Piano Performance from Boston University.

Teaching Style:

During her undergraduate and graduate studies, Mandy studied Pedagogy and developed a thorough understanding of different schools of teaching methods. By incorporating her knowledge and experience, Ms. Chiu creates a unique curriculum for the needs of each student. She believes that a good curriculum allows students to develop and strengthen their playing while enjoying every step of the way. Mandy trained as a classical pianist, with strong emphasis on technical drills and accuracy. However, from years of playing and teaching she believes that cultivating a student’s sensitivity to tone color and developing his/her individual expression early on are just as important as technicality. Music Literature is an important element in Mandy’s lessons. She believes that once students understand a composer’s experiences at the time of the composition and the art movement in the historical context, music becomes personal to them. This appreciation is what makes playing music magical because learning each piece is a new journey with the composer through time.

Teaching Goals:

Mandy is a goal-oriented teacher.  She feels that students are at their best when they feel a sense of achievement. Setting up short-term and long-term goals is a must in Mandy’s teaching curriculum, every milestone achieved fuels her students with excitement and they are ready for more challenges.

Annual concert is the most exciting time of the year, as everyone shares and celebrates fruit of a year’s hard work with families and friends. At the beginning of each semester, students list songs which they would like to perform for their families and friends in the annual concert, Mandy incorporates supplementary materials so that students develop technique, musicianship and musicality at the same time.


Private Lessons for all levels: A one-on-one lesson is the best option for a student who wants to excel in his/ her playing. A lesson plan is custom designed to help a student develop playing strength and expand his/ her repertoire to the fullest of his/her potential.

Group Lessons for beginners- intermediate level (3-4 students): Group lessons are available for beginning to intermediate- level students. Mandy teaches group lessons to students of all ages. Group lesson offers a class environment where students enjoy company while learning from Mandy and from each other.

Adult Group Lessons (3-4 students): As a pianist and teacher, Mandy heard so many parents and friends lament that they didn’t have the opportunity to learn piano when they were younger. She realized she can help make childhood dreams come true by offering adult group lessons. It is a laid back, musical- social event, where everyone can learn a few tunes and enjoy a few good laughs with friends.

Music Style: Mandy welcomes all students who wish to learn. No matter if they are interested in picking up a few pop tunes to entertain at parties, or students who are preparing for professional music career.

Lesson fees are charged in the beginning of each month in terms of 4 or 5 lessons depending on the nature of the month, payable by check, cash or bank transfer.

30 minutes : $220-$275   (for students of six years or younger)

45 minutes: $300- $375

60  minutes: $380-$475

A trial lesson is available upon request for $55.  Semester rate (16 weeks) is available with 5% discount. Siblings and friends rate available upon request.

Rate may vary depending on the level of the student.

Please contact Mandy for more information.