Field Trip to CCRMA at Stanford

As the head of the Menuhin-Dowling Program at Nueva School,  I’ve had the pleasure planning field trips for students. Our first field trip this year was CCRMA (The Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics ) Open House in Stanford.  

The trip felt as if we traveled into the future!

We played virtual music games designed and coded by CCRMA graduates. Made tracks using a Web Audio Module (WAM) Distortion, which sounds nothing like what we sang! In the Neuromusic Lab, we learned how the researchers prepped people for an electroencephalography (EEG) test, and study how brain responses to sound.  Did you know that we can actually predict Billboard Hits using Spotify Data up to 75%!

The open house showcased research conducted by current CCRMA graduates with a hands-on demonstration.

We walked out of the historic three-story building slightly giddy from a mega information overload 🙂