Arnold Franklin

My daughter Leah began taking lessons with Mandy in January 2014, when she had just turned 5, having had no prior musical training. The progress she’s made in the eighteen months since is, to my mind, amazing: she’s at the point now where she can read musical scores on her own, can play songs with different right-hand and left-hand parts, and has even begun to recognize and toy with abstract concepts like harmonization and the structuring of musical phrases. What truly gives me the most pleasure, however, is observing how excited she is about the piano and the way she’s come to think of herself as someone who is both a student,of, and a contributor to the world of music.

Having had a very different (read: much drearier) experience with piano lessons, I can see clearly that the key to my daughter’s success and enthusiasm is Mandy, with her infectious commitment to the piano on the one hand and her playfulness and easy rapport with children on the other. I’ve sat through just about every one of my daughter’s lessons and have watched over and over again how Mandy intuitively understands how to connect with her, how she makes her feel special, and how good she is at coming up with an alternative approach when something just doesn’t seem to be working. Lessons are always fun, and yet a lot is also accomplished. And when it comes to practicing, my daughter is motivated not only because she adores Mandy but also because she has internalized the respect for music and the piano that Mandy models.

My wife and I were so impressed with Mandy and her ability to make the study of music a rewarding adventure that we recommended her to two other families who are just as pleased with her as we are. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to sing her praises once again and recommend her to you without qualification.

~ Arnold Franklin

Associate Professor Department of History, Queens College N.Y.