Sharon Flatto

Mandy Chiu is an exceptionally talented, enthusiastic and motivated piano teacher and pianist. She brings a sophistication, passion and years of teaching and performing experience to her work. Both my boys Abraham (age 8) and Gabriel (age 6) had the pleasure of studying with Mandy in 2104-2105, their first year of piano lessons. Their experience was magical.
Throughout the year, Ms. Chiu instilled in them both the joy of music and the rigor it demands. Unlike many teachers, in addition to making it ‘fun,’ Mandy also worked hard to insure that they attain a solid musical foundation: teaching them how to touch the keys, taking care that they could read notes (and not just play by ear), and explaining the music theory appropriate to their level. After every lesson, she gave them both performance and theory homework and instructed them how to record their piano practice. Whatever she did worked since my kids would often remind me that it is time to practice. Afterwards, they would immediately record what they had done in their journals.
The year culminated with an impressive recital held in beautiful piano space in Manhattan. Hearing each of my sons play during the concert, I was amazed by how much they had learned over the course of only one year. I was also delighted to see Mandy’s other students- both younger and older kids as well as adults each play a wide variety of music. Clearly, Mandy had tailored each student’s performance to their particular strengths, style and level. Aside from her professional strengths, Mandy is sweet and charming. Her impressive background, love of music, and vast experience make her an exceptional teacher.

~ Sharon Flatto

Associate Professor Director of the Graduate Program Department of Judaic Studies Brooklyn College The City University of New York (CUNY)